Black Tiger Shrimp, Frozen
Black Tiger Shrimp, Frozen

Black Tiger Shrimp, Frozen

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Black Tiger Shrimp, frozen - raw, shelled, deveined, 16-20 count per pound. These large black tiger shrimp are white to light blue in colour with black stripes and are the largest of over 300 varieties of shrimp world wide. They range from West Africa to throughout Asia, and while most are farmed they are also caught by trawlers fishing muddy bottom in less than 300 feet of water. Like other shrimp, they have a built in thermometer to tell you when they are done. They will turn orange-red when cooked.

They make an ideal appetizer as shrimp cocktail or bbq skewers and are a great choice for pastas and casseroles as they remain firm when cooked and can be tossed.

Size: 1 lb

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