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Meet the Fisherman - Cleon Smith

  This time we'd like to introduce you to the younger half of the dynamic Smith duo from Cape Sable Island, Cleon Smith. I first met Cleon on a warm summer day in 1993 when I was in search of swordfish boats along the South Shore, in the hopes that I could 

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Cedar Planked Salmon

Have you ever tried cedar planked salmon? Ingredients such as garlic & ginger and soy sauce & maple syrup help impart tremendous flavour, and the cedar plank enhances the salmon with a nice, smoky taste. Soaking the wood not only ...

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Steamed PEI Mussels in Beer Broth

Mussels steamed in white wine are delicious, but have you tried steaming mussels in beer? All you need is 1 bottle of your favourite beer. The other 5 in the pack? I'm sure that you'll ...

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