Atlantic Lobster
Atlantic Lobster
Atlantic Lobster

Atlantic Lobster

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Our lobsters are wild-caught from the cold pristine waters off Nova Scotia.

Prized for their hard shell and full meat qualities, the Atlantic lobster is an excellent choice for a celebration feast, a romantic dinner or simply as a special treat.

Atlantic lobster is easy to cook, and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Atlantic lobster is very versatile and can be served many different ways, from simply boiled with butter and lemon, hot lobster rolls, lobster sandwiches or luxurious classic dishes such as lobster thermidor or lobster bisk. They make a great addition to your favorite seafood chowder as well.

Live lobster are available seasonally, by the pound.

Frozen, cooked lobster meat is also available by the pound.

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Since we are delivering fresh product, all items are subject to availability based on weather, catch, vessel schedules and seasonal availability.

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